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Sorry guys, but the Venus Factor is strictly for women who want to lose 10 pounds or more and still eat the foods they crave the most. In this detailed Venus Factor review you will learn many tips and tricks that will help you lose weight whether you decide to buy the Venus Factor or not. So let’s get started.

Does The Venus Factor Really Work?

Before you get too far into this review of the Venus Factor, you may want to take just a few moments to view the video below to see who the Venus Factor IS working for.


At least for these women, you can clearly see the success they are enjoying with the Venus Factor system. Make no mistake. Their great testimonials don’t necessarily mean you will get the same results….. Or does it? Hopefully you will know the answer to that by the end of this Venus Factor review.

What is The Venus Factor Diet?

One thing for sure, you will learn here today that the Venus Factor Diet is unlike anything you have heard of before. Actually, the Venus Factor is not really a diet at all. It is a complete 12 week nutrition plan based solely on helping you burn fat through a woman’s master hormone.

Science has now discovered that virtually 100% of a female body’s ability to burn fat is controlled by the hormone leptin.

What Is Leptin and How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Maybe you have never heard about Leptin before so let’s see what it has to do with weight loss in women. is a hormone made by adipose cells that helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger.

Basically, high levels of leptin will greatly increase your metabolism telling your body to burn fat. However, in the reverse, lower levels of leptin will tell your body to store fat.

Recent scientific discoveries point to the fact that women generally have 2 times more leptin in their bodies as compared to men.

Given these facts, you may wonder why so many women have problem areas where they just can’t seem to lose weight. The more common areas are the hips, arms, belly and thighs.

Why You Probably Have Had Trouble Losing Weight With Traditional Diets


When dieting, a woman will lose leptin levels at a much higher rate than when not dieting. When that happens, your metabolism and your ability to burn fat all but shuts down completely leaving you frustrated, defeated and not able to lose an once. This is the main reason very few women last very long on a traditional diet. The results are just not there.

What Is The Venus Factor Secret?

The secret to the Venus Factor is a term called Metabolic Override and it looks like it has become a dominant force in the future of weight loss in women.

These unique and powerful strategies are responsible for the great Venus Factor results you saw in the video above.

Here’s how it works;

Metabolic Override allows you to burn fat throughout the day and even while your sleeping because your increased leptin levels have literally transformed your body into a fat burning machine.

And the best part is…

It works great for women of any age. Or even if you’ve convinced yourself that you have bad genetics and can‘t lose weight.

Is Venus Weight Loss Difficult?

Not according to most women. In fact, the strategies you will learn make for easy lifestyle adjustments and… guess what? You can still eat the foods you crave most. One of the adjustments is just when and how to eat the foods you love most that will drive your metabolism through the roof and get you the results you want.

It is a very easy and enjoyable system to use. The Venus Factor PDF is laid out in simple, easy to understand strategies that make the whole program seem effortless. One week builds on the next so there are no more of those dreaded plateaus.

No working yourself to death with the latest machine advertised on late night TV networks or high energy intense workouts. And no long, strenuous workouts at the gym or expensive personal trainers which results in less time at home.

What Is The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist?

The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist will hold your hand for the next 12 weeks and guide you through everything you should eat and when. DON’T WORRY! You can still eat things like your favorite pasta dishes, cheese smothered pizza, and yes, even chocolate.

Have you ever lost 10 pounds or so and did not see a proportional or more defined look in your body? The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist is designed to help you maximize each pound you lose to achieve a more defined, shapely female body. One that you and others will immediately notice.

Are There Venus Factor Workouts Involved?

Only if you want them to be. As a free bonus, you will have complete access to 143 workout training videos where John Barban himself will work right along with you. The basic Venus Factor Program is strictly about nutrition, but the workouts are a great free compliment to help you achieve your goals faster.

If you have other health issues that may keep you from doing the workouts, there are plenty there that can be done at a slower pace and in a much shorter time.

What Is Venus Immersion All About?

Venus Immersion is another valuable bonus you will receive free with the Venus Index.

The Venus Immersion Community consists of women just like you who share tips and tricks within the community to help support one another. You have already met a few of them in the video.

Many long term friendships have been developed within the Venus Immersion Community. Many women feel that it alone is worth what they paid for the Venus Factor System.

Warning: Venus Immersion is filling up very fast so if you want to be apart of it you should act soon.

Who Is The Venus Factor Not For?

Men obviously! The Venus factor is not for any women looking for a fad or celebrity diet, OR a magic quick fix. It will take a little discipline and effort on your part to achieve the look and body you have always wanted. However, compared to most weight loss programs it is minimal and is guaranteed to get you fast, noticeable results.

What Happens If The Venus Factor Does Not Work For Me?

In the rare case that should happen, you are fully protected by a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. All you would need to do is send an email to the Venus Factor support team and request a refund anytime up until 60 days from date of your purchase.

It’s as simple as that. You will receive a full refund within a couple of business days.

Where Can I Buy The Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor and all bonuses and guarantees are only available for purchase through the Official Venus Factor Website. PLEASE BE ADVISED: If you try and order through an unethical website offering “too good to be true” prices and bonuses, run the other way. You are about to be scammed and lose your money and access to the Venus Factor Program.


It’s not hard to see how sold I am on the Venus Factor. My wife, Amy is 47 years old and lost an astonishing 54 pounds with the Venus Index program. What amazed me the most is Amy has had a thyroid issue most of her adult life and nothing had worked for her before.

Here is a picture of my gorgeous wife Amy. She is at her desired weight now and has been able to keep it off. SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC!

Venus Factor Results

Amy Before and After

How Soon Can You Get Started Losing Weight With The Venus Factor?

In just a few short minutes from now. All you need to do is click the link below, watch the Venus Factor presentation, and download the entire program to any device you desire. Laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone, it works equally as well on all.

Thank You for reading my completely honest and heart felt review of the Venus Factor and best of luck!

Click Here Now To Order Through The Official Venus Factor Website!



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